Venice is naked


Venice is naked, yes, never like now.


Because Venice, overwhelmed, proud, superb towards everything what’s outside of her for the first time in the last 30 years has been discovered Weak.

He found that all that is based on his strength is not anything but a house of cards all of the same suit. And with it they’re discovering even its few, inhabitants.

The whole existence of this city, of these people is based about dependence on what they represent for the rest of the world. An anomaly. An absurd anomaly that after 2000 years in some way, even though precarious, continues to exist and in some ways, thrive.

This convinced those who live there that this situation could immutable.

And to be able to behave towards the rest of the world, in form of visitors, as they liked it the most.

But these weeks have unraveled this paradigm, they have unravel this subtle balance and the city that you show up to you is almost one spectrum of self.

The empty steamers, the “fields” (our squares) half-desert, ditto bars and restaurants, even shacks of junk more than halved!

Of course, the classic cry of those who up to a few days earlier he complained about the amount of tourists that punctually invades the City.

Yes because official sport in the city is complaining about tourists and of their behavior except then do everything to attract more and more by disposing of the amount of people, the impact it has and the quality of what you offer in exchange for the maintenance of your city.

There is little to be scandalized and is more evident than ever in this period: revenues from the tourist flow keep the city which has fewer and fewer inhabitants, so fewer and fewer services useful to a population, so more and more dedicated to those who come and go and end totally dependent on this tide. It’s a dog that bites its tail and unfortunately it will make a lot of victims among the merchants.

Even those who do not live in Venice but have built their own activities solely on the attraction that this city creates has run a great risk because without any imposed limit, the catering-receive-entertainment activities in a chaotic manner and without no effort towards differentiation.

“Tourism will never be lacking in Venice…”

And instead…

But I trust that this could be a bell alarm for all the actors involved in the management of this wonderful how complicated the city is.

We citizens in the first place, the Venetians who these days they are rediscovering the pleasure of their city.

You can see that because with  tourist flows decreased by a good 80% the streets are frequented almost exclusively from residents. And so you see more kids running into those roads that are usually overworked and impractical by the little ones, because otherwise you’ll lose them in the crowd. See more Venetians turn in those areas where normally don’t wander around because, out of a spirit of survival, you make the streets where you don’t find “forests” so you don’t have to advance to push cursing.

See rowboats in Basin S.  Marco and in the Giudecca Canal! Two zones which are usually almost impractical from them because of the swell frightening that makes a 400mt crossing an act of faith.

And see what are the shops, bars and restaurants that despite everything has managed to maintain a relationship with those who live in the area. For some Venice verses, so vulnerable, is beautiful. And much more enjoyable. Ah, I’m ads resurface regarding vacancy houses looking for resident tenants (previously almost untraceable) and not for “tourist rentals” which does well hope that at least someone has learned that a resident can be a kind of insurance both on keeping the property in stable condition both in terms of the profit that is made; more regular and Sure… you say little.

More homes, more residents, more differentiated services, a different focus on the tourist flow.

I think it’s important to learn from this very hard as unexpected lesson. We have a duty to this unique city that can give those who live and live there and live it in both terms of prosperity and quality of life, provided it is managed Conscientiously.

I hope that Venice and the Venetians can rise again, as the Grand Theatre La Fenice, from its ashes towards a more balanced future and rosy.