Use-and-throw is no longer a sustainable model

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How many times have you heard him say in the last few days: “Something big is going to happen, things will have to change, it’s a signal.” Okay, so it looks like the classic catastrophic-fricchetton-environmentalist tying-up, except… It’s true. But I say it not only for party taken or visions descended from heaven; it is enough to observe critically our average way of life, our current values, our times, priorities and interests. I’m not going to get out of it, grand. I’m in it too, although in the last few years I’ve been making great efforts to grow in the interior. But mind you: in the vast majority of cases life begins in the morning with precisely marked times and times and that are affected in turn by many factors such as traffic, weather, various unexpected, scheduled days until the last minute that leave no breath but leave “on the ground” every day thousands of stressed, tired, depressed and unhappy individuals.

And you think that all of these don’t affect our beautiful planet in any way? Oh yes, because to escape these consequences we are dealing with a myriad of gimmicks aimed at divert our attention from the actual problem, so as not to realize it because otherwise we would unwrap a paradigm that allows us not to go into shattered; that is, we do almost nothing that makes us really happy and CONSAPEVOLI with what we do and live every day. We are in a hurry, every day, to do and to have as much as possible. Let’s not even think for a second about how this affects everything else around us, sun of a microscopic universe enclosed in a three-room apartment (for the lucky ones) of cities exhausted and end to themselves! And the productive world has immediately made director of this circus making sure you can exploit it again more to your advantage you want to get induced and speed in satisfying them more and more several times, continuously, 365 days a year to not allow guests of the merry-go-round to stop. Never. Everything is perfect, everything turns like a precise clock oiled in the smallest corners and we delegated values and happiness to a van that delivers us the package containing our anesthetic daily. All perfect in our society, everything, up-to-30-days-ago. Buffy!!! EVERYBODY STOP!

Yes, because, you have to admit, whether it was born in the lab or is completely eco-bio or shipped by aliens this virus forced us to do something that we would NEVER ever be able to Do. Stop. Always stay at home. Living with those people we have attracted into our lives and to whom we give attention maybe 3 hours a day. We were forced to make ourselves account of our neighborhood; of the stores that still survived outside the circle of megaultraiperstore; of the fact that it’s not really 100% necessary move a means every day to do everything; that so many things that we had left to do at home because they consider it a meddling in the roadmap if made without haste are indeed pleasant; that silence can relax a lot even without doing anything to exploit it; who smell and smell even in cities suffocated by pm10 every day.

And all this what else has Brought? To the suffering of the mega-system. Everything that is connected to the NOSTRO having to be good and tidy without us is simply in agony. Like big sharks pulled out water is a long way from water because the oxygen derived from our induced “needs-desires” no longer comes to him. Why ARE US at the center of everything even if you would like we thought we didn’t count anything on the world scale. Because that myriad T-shirts for 3 euros, trousers for 12 euros, bracelets, glasses, electronic accessories that are presented to us on a daily basis as essential or otherwise useful to make our existence more pleasant, without those who buy them they take back their real value: Zero. Unfortunately, many people work in this area us and it’s the only way this kind of production can be defined circular: I work for X, I get paid by X, I get pushed to spend on what produces X, Y, or similar. Because the flow, as far as actors generate always follows the same purpose and is therefore one-way. It’s a very simple “Linear Economy” model, which is no longer well, the disposable model is no longer sustainable from an environmental point of view or Economic. And unfortunately with this crisis he will bring in his agony thousands of People.

Well, you’ll say, after this to what do we get? To the fact that we must use this imposed change to force us change on as many scale as possible. And it’s easier than you think since our habits can quietly affect the system if we can keep them independent from It. So since in these days of forced imprisonment we have learned what and where are those neighbor services that have been so helpful to us for “survive”, why not continue using them? After all, I challenge anyone after 30 days that you go shopping in the same store, fruit and vegetables, bakery not to greet in a friendly way those behind the Counter. Or the newsagent snubbed by who knows how long because now in the GDO newspapers and books are also sold. And not because they care about your culture, but because everything is to make you stay in there.

Instead, taking a walk can you don’t say do everything but maybe a nice 70%? And in addition you have also learned who you have close to home, you will have also discovered who maybe does useful work and you didn’t even imagine it. Then, these days you’ve also opened closets, seen what you need again and what you don’t and you’ve done even a thought about how little you’ve used anything, how little you’ve had it paid but how little lasted both as style and quality. And then, if dug up a little more these days maybe you’ve found objects that have a few more anne and I’m still in very good condition. Or they’re back in fashion. Or can be edited! Yes, because there are a shops that modify clothes, shoes, bags to make them welcome to you or reusable. And they’re getting more and more, just search for them on the net. Now you have time!

Look for them, you will save and you will you’ll also have to imagine the proposed changes. And they will last. What if many of us will start to do this the economy will become a little more CIRCOLARE. You will save money, give new life to your area by re-evaluating it and planting it plan will also be able to re-transform the centers of small towns and large cities in what are now shopping malls but with much more humanity. SUPPORT WHAT YOU HAVE CLOSE, EXPLORE, SCOPRITE THE POSSIBILITIES that will become NEW again. I repeat, you have already done it in the last month and if at the bottom you have seen which is not bad, keep going.


Thank you if you’ve read everything, I’m been long this time.

Good steps