Beauty must be shown and shared

It caused a stir when Armani for the first time paraded his line for the spring-summer season on live TV on a private network, LA7 to be precise.

And I would also say a nice “it was now!”

Yes because all this secrecy, this ehemeral halo of exclusivity has driven people not so much from luxury but from the dream that it represents for many. It’s true there are the various social and blah-blah-blah but I assure you that attending a real parade is a whole other story, feeling, involvement compared to seeing four photos on the web. Because the parades aren’t prepared by four runaways, huh! There is a common thread that governs the show, the music, the lights and, today, that a good 70% of the population has at least one 3D megascreen in their home you can imagine what it means to witness you even at a distance!

Let the shows, the behind the scenes, the explanations, the details, the curiosities, the stratospheric prices related to work at the edge of the dream come well because this is how you get involved, you get curious, you stimulate the imagination even of the youngest who in addition to saying “one day I too will parade for him” maybe they will also venture “one day I will be a better tailor than him”!The clothes you admire inside the most prestigious boutiques do not appear by miracle ready&facts, but are the work of people who play an essential role in the success of the brand.

Luxury has been for decades something whose value could be perceived at the mere glance, without having to see the price that was almost never exhibited so as to load even more the symbolism of object for the few.
But it was easy to recognize, even for non-experts.

It had that charge of exclusivity that today’s unconventional overexposure has practically zeroed it down reducing it to a fast-fashion for the rich and enriched. This is also why it is important to return to rhythms more relevant to the real flow of seasons/collections. At present you can’t appreciate one object as a whole that you’re already being offered another. Thinking, wanting, planning to buy them are all phases that the customer especially luxury/high fashion must be able to enjoy, also to have the feeling of return of something really exclusive. And Armani, fatality, was once again the first to understand it. Then, if you have seen the parade you will understand why it is still considered “King George”; dreamy garments despite being equipped with absolutely understated and elegant lines and colors while remaining contemporary.

I believe, in my small, that one should listen to the feeling of an artist who for decades has been saying the law and lines in a world as diverse as that of fashion.

Because if this ability were not the preserve of a few then we would not be here to talk about it, which is more reason to give it value and attention.

Luxury must be shown but with the intention of making it perceive not only the economic value but above all the symbolic value given by materials and labor that can be accessed to the mass, therefore much more exclusive.

However, in recent years, as the economic situation has increasingly led to the disappearance of the middle-spending class, many have focused on making people believe that luxury could only be understood as a fact dependent solely on the brand. Thus some items with a high-but-not-too-high price have become accessible, focusing on the buyer’s sense of prestige but making them, in fact, disappear the soul that brought its birth.

And the culture that came with it.

So I don’t think there’s anything wrong with bringing back the most beautiful a designer can create. And that people are electrocuted by such a show, a demonstration of mastery so much that they begin to think about what fashion really is, what is quality and how to get items that can combine these features with affordable prices.

It was once said who spends the least because at a high price it was an equally high quality. So the object itself had a longer lifespan. To help to reform the taste for all this, the culture of this should be the task of those who live, those who breathe the beautiful, the well done, the passion of creation. And spreading this as much as possible can trigger a virtuous circle that would benefit trade, interpersonal relationships, the health of the environment.

For those who lost it here is the link to the Armani show at the last Milan Fashion Week, I hope it is still visible when you read this

If you really want to take a step back to recover certain principles and bring them back outside of restricted circles you also need this and the great designers could be the flywheel of another big change, this time more conscious.

Good steps