Z – Gen an opportunity for luxury brands

From what we read “around” there are still too many brands that underestimate the importance of the so-called “Generation Z”, attributing little interest to a generation defined too young to appreciate the flagship products of historic & classic brands. Any reality dealing with luxury items cannot but take generation Z into account when planning its business strategies for the immediate future. There has never been such a rapid generation, connected, attentive to changes, to the relationship between man-environment and grown in a moment of great evolution. It is a generation that has taken on board the big leap of the last year and will not pay attention to those who will not reflect the values that they believe are important. So it is necessary to make sure that companies, even the largest ones, be careful, generation Z brings at the moment between 10 and 15% of the value of the luxury market and if they are not interested now in your brand, much less they will be in the future because you have already been discarded. They live at the speed of connections, they exchange information, they study products, who makes them, where, how. And they are also proving to be great lovers of the classic style possibly revisited. So even a brand accustomed to having an average buyer in the older age group has a very good chance of involvement if it takes the opportunity to reinvent itself in the wake of contamination, new materials etc.

This certainly does not mean changing the line in its whole but creating an ad-hoc one, also demonstrating flexibility, curiosity and intelligence. And courage, which is not bad at this historic moment. Probably even those who have to manage a new reality like this will have to be some generation younger than we are used to but it would be appropriate if even in Italy we began to think about it. The world outside our country is flying while here he expects “everything to return as before” without taking into account the fact that the first one brought us to the current situation and returning there would not be a real step forward a better future but to the classic less worst to which we are so fond and accustomed in Italy , as if it were our most representative and congenial comfort zone.
I advise you to open your eyes to new horizons to be conquered by exploiting the enormous historical know-how that our country has to project you into the future. That will be different, put your soul in peace.