Fabrizio Luongo

Focus on the training of young people

Interview with Fabrizio Luongo, Deputy Vice President of the Naples Chamber of Commerce. The Museum of True and False, the damage of counterfeiting, the enhancement of businesses artisans, the integration of young people, the prospects for internationalization: there are numerous issues addressed in this interview with Fabrizio Luongo, Deputy Vice… Read More »Focus on the training of young people

Socks yes, socks no

I know that it may seem to some people a futile if not even silly subject, but in the male world it is debated more often than you think.Yes, because, if during three seasons out of four the problem does not arise, since it is relatively easy to find shoes… Read More »Socks yes, socks no

E-commerce: an opportunity not to be missed

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation processes that were already underway, the strategic importance of digital for Italy’s competitiveness and growth is now widely recognized. For a decade, technological innovation has been at the heart of the political and institutional agenda with substantial investment, programmes at national and… Read More »E-commerce: an opportunity not to be missed

Signs of recovery from China

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According to the study of Bain & Company, published with the Altagamma Foundation, at the end of 2020 the sector will record a loss of 25%-35%, with a turnover of 180-220 billion euros. Interestingly, estimates for February indicated a loss of around 10% but the progressive spread of the Covid-19… Read More »Signs of recovery from China