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Rediscovering the wonderful world of artisans and charting their path to the contemporary is our goal. The Latin locution “Mens et Manus” is perfect for defining the Italian artisan tradition. Thinking and doing, creativity and dexterity, intuition and dedication, imagination and skill. 



Being a craftsman is the essence of the craft. It is a cultural approach because it assumes that we do a job well done, that it stands out for having achieved high standards of excellence and quality.


Opening up to the world, even in this one has its roots the craftsmanship. How not to go with your mind to the long journeys that merchants took in search of raw materials, to trade in valuable artifacts, to the flourishing developments of activities between peoples and territories.


Anyone who thinks of a craft crystallized over time, is wrong. Achieving a product of excellence involves the continuous evolution of the technique and the constant overcoming of previously achieved goals. The search for the most suitable materials, the functioning of the working processes, the tension towards the creation of something innovative and beautiful.


Sharing knowledge with the next generation, passing on the art of know-how has always been a cornerstone of the craftsman’s craft. With a profound meaning, the transmission of a wealth of skills, values and experiences that would otherwise be lost forever.
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