American set with napkins


Beautiful thick Italian linen with crochet and needle finishing.

American size: cm. 60 x 40
Napkin size: cm. 36 x 36
Quantity: complete for 6 people

Sold in pairs – not individually

Emma Terrassan

The crochet laces that I present are my reproductions of original samples composed in a prestigious boarding school in Vittorio Veneto (TV) in the period 1830 – 1860.

Of these samples, now non-existent on the market, there are no explanations and only years of patient study have allowed me to become their “translator”: I am pleased to present them because they express the art of crochet in its most complete and authentic form and only the skilled and perfect hands of those who composed them have given us the originality which, after a long time, keeps intact its modernity and relevance.

The quality of the threads used, the linens of the highest quality, the guarantee of an exclusively handcrafted realization and the possibility of personalizing furnishing items that are not satisfied with lasting the span of a season, find precious allies in these laces and make these artifacts are absolutely desirable.

The images of some of the works that I present are related to centers, trusses, runners and towels: in about 70 centimeters the design of the lace is perfectly visible in its splendid details.



Measurements are required for the manufacture of tablecloths or other types of furniture.

For the packaging of a garment, it is also possible to use the customers’ linen fabrics if they wish, or just to package the lace, according to the required length.