Heart pendants necklace


In white gold.

White gold pendants, made entirely by hand with natural cut diamonds brilliant one of which a central yellow heart.


White: € 2,050.00
Yellow heart: € 3,570.00

Merzaghi Jeweler since 1870

Founded in 1870, the jewelry was a small shop in the historic center of Milan where Alfredo Ravasco and Rino Merzaghi created authentic works of art. Merzaghi participated in the 1925 Paris Exposition and became famous thanks to his mastery in the processing and restoration of precious objects. Among the known works, the tiara of Pope Pius XI offered by the Milanese for his coronation and the restoration of a collection of jewels of the House of Savoy. Today Paola and Mauro represent the 5th generation and the laboratory is an excellence where they also create personalized jewels and discover the techniques of working precious metals.

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Ciondolo bianco, Ciondolo con oro giallo