Dressing gown


Cotton velvet with seaweed fiber interior.

Single piece

Tabinotabi represents an absolute novelty and looks to the future of high quality clothing, anticipating trends. All his handcrafted creations are made with exclusively produced fabrics, using high-tech organic vegetable yarns.
The Tabinotabi fabric is made from an algae incorporated in a natural cellulose fiber that preserves its virtues even after many washes. Rich in vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and minerals. Tabinotabi fiber helps cell regeneration, protects the free radicals skin, soothes itching and reduces inflammation.
The process of collecting algae is scrupulous, as only the part of the algae that is able to regenerate is removed. The entire production cycle is “closed circuit” as it is sustainable and without the release of chemical waste. A certified system innovative and ecological that minimizes the impact on the planet.