Characteristics: Feminine, with shaded sun filter, two colors, suitable for sight and sun, size 53/22 suitable for large faces

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Lagooneyes glasses, designed by Maria Luisa De Bin, are made by the craftsman and artist Paolo Beraldo. The peculiarity of these glasses is the design of the temple that recalls the “iron” of the prow of the famous Venetian gondola and the material (cellulose acetate) that is preciously recovered from the laboratories of the nearby Cadorine companies (Dolomites), preserved specifically for these processes . Each collection is limited edition as the models are produced exclusively by hand with the help of ancient pantographs.

Glasses lend themselves to being functional extensions both aesthetically and technically, by contacting an optical center it will also be possible to apply corrective lenses. The imperfections that can be found in the frames are related to their manual and not industrial finishing.

Packaging is related by:

white box
case in genuine black leather
pure cotton microfiber washable
document of conformity and product traceability
12 months warranty from the date of purchase
address and contacts




Gondola: the long black boat is one of the oldest symbols of Venice, famous all over the world. It was the most comfortable boat that existed for transporting passengers in the lagoon, before reaching its present form, centuries of changes and improvements have passed.

Bricola: or briccola is a nautical structure used to indicate the waterways (canals) in the lagoons of Venice, Marano and Grado. It is made up of two or more large larch wood poles linked together and placed in the water, driven into the seabed.