Salt and pepper


With silver caps

They are one of the funniest and most useful accessories when setting up, from the everyday table to the most elegant one you are spoiled for choice. This pair of salt pans is in crystal with silver caps resting on a rectangular silver tray. A classic style but always very topical.

Ganci since 1926

Founded in 1926 by Carmelo and Gaspare Ganci and taken over in 1960 by Giuseppe Morandino, the company has seen the passage from generation to generation. Today it has reached the 3rd generation of owners and is run by four brothers. The company owns one of the oldest silverware brands in Milan, 110 MI. They started with a first catalog that collected a limited series of 6/8 pieces, currently making unique pieces based on its know-how acquired over time and on a rich historical archive.




Salini: in ancient times salt and pepper were precious commodities, today they are present on tables all over the world