The Project

Rediscovering the wonderful world of artisans and charting their path to the contemporary is our goal. The Latin locution "Mens et Manus" is perfect for defining the Italian artisan tradition. Thinking and doing, creativity and dexterity, intuition and dedication, imagination and skill. The mind and the hands are not in opposition but are strengthened in a continuous exchange of impulses and thrusts aimed at the realization of a unique and unrepeatable object.
Customization is the real luxury, distinguishing itself is the real added value. It's nice to be the creator of an object, to have the pleasure of building it and, above all, to add a detail or detail that makes it exceptional. This does not prescilate from a strong taste of beauty and well done. The ability to calibrate proportions, to choose the right shades of colors, to extrapolate the right shape from matter. The excellence of the materials is essential to achieve a high-quality result.